Engaging digital learning for real outcomes

We design, build, and grow digital learning experiences for higher ed, nonprofits, and corporations. After 20+ years partnering with leading brands and institutions to reach over 1 million learners, we know how to create programs that learners love.

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We deliver High Engagement at Scale

The Opportunity: High engagement drives meaningful outcomes. The Challenge: Engagement often falls as scale increases. The Solution: We’ve distilled our best practices across 350+ learning experiences into 5 ingredients we call High Engagement at Scale™. Our High Engagement at Scale™ rubric helps you understand current strengths, identify market needs, and evaluate strategic targets for your online learning and training programs.

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Our five ingredients of high engagement

To achieve High Engagement at Scale and promote learner retention and advancement, we have developed five ingredients. They are part of The Studion Way

  • Build on expert content and source material  

  • Select instructors, brands, and examples to build trust

  • Maintain high-quality standards, editing, and storytelling

  • Immerse learners with a variety of content types

  • Clarify learner goals; actively encourage progress

  • Vary activities and interactions to elevate motivation

  • Encourage learner reflection at milestones 

  • Invite learners to apply knowledge through projects, simulations, and beyond

  • Provide access without barriers; meet all AA WCAG accessibility standards

  • Orient and onboard with robust features to accommodate all

  • Feature a diversity of identities and perspectives with real and fictional people 

  • Offer variable modalities and pacing

  • Assign community and collaborative learning activities 

  • Provide opportunities for learners to interact 

  • Include peer review and feedback between learners

  • Leverage teaching teams and technologies to provide timely and personalized experiences

  • Highlight real world takeaways with immediate value

  • Give formative and summative assessments and activities 

  • Showcase options to extend learning broadly 

  • Create connections between new learning and life changing opportunities

Our end-to-end services

We approach learning holistically, from strategy through the growth of each program, with experts working across phases to help you scale your success.

Services - Custom Learning Experience

Custom Learning  Experience

  • Development of strategic priorities and market entry point

  • Digital experiences designed, developed, and tested 

  • Custom development, integrations, and maintenance

Services - Custom Learning Experience

Learning Content  Development

  • Understanding of content area, requirements, and connection with subject matter experts

  • Use of High Engagement at Scale, ingredients, and learning science to develop a pedagogy, curriculum, and content

  • Educational content in various formats produced and tested

Services - Programs & 
Modified Platforms

Programs & 
Modified Platforms

  • Programmatic and technological needs to set strategic priorities

  • Assessments and selection of platforms; analysis of requirements

  • Integrated content and experience with platform(s) and additional technologies

Services - Maintenance 
& Growth

& Growth

  • Support of the digital learning experience with regular check-ins

  • Upgrades and technical support

  • Assistance in hiring or building new competencies to train and ultimately transfer maintenance internally

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What sets Studion apart is not just their technological prowess but also their commitment to a true partnership. They have been with us at every step, from initial vision setting to design and development and into operations - their expertise is deep but their commitment and flexibility sets them apart. - Damian Saccocio, Vice President of Technology and Analytics, Management Leadership for Tomorrow

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