Building a Better World with Custom Digital Experiences

January 24, 2024

At Studion, we believe healthy, empowered people can create a better world. This belief drives us and informs how we do our work. It inspires us to leverage our expertise and experience to help our clients meet their audiences where they are with accessible, engaging customized digital experiences. Our knowledge can deliver the meaningful outcomes our clients seek while helping the people they serve reach their peak potential.

We design and build highly engaging digital experiences for life sciences and learning organizations because these industries are as dedicated to empowering individuals and improving lives as we are. With our distinct teams of experts in both industries, we are a partner who fully understands the nuances of this work and its various audiences, technologies, and issues. 

But what really sets us apart is our commitment to not just maintaining but improving engagement when moving from face-to-face to digital experiences.

Effective digital experiences aren’t just cool technology features and slick content; they take into account the journey that an individual is on.

That’s why we’re always working to deepen our understanding of the person at the center of that journey—be it a patient or a learner—and what motivates, challenges, and inspires them. By understanding them, we can design and build experiences that get the most out of whatever technologies our clients choose, meaning there’s no need to accept the trade-offs in quality and human connection that often accompany moving from the physical to digital worlds. It’s how we keep the humanity in the technology.

Every great digital experience is as unique as the individuals being served, but they all have one thing in common: they engage their audience in ways that motivate each person to keep going, to stay on task, to do their best. Engagement is the defining quality of a well-designed experience that captures a person's attention and delivers the encouragement and support necessary to inspire and reinforce their motivation to achieve an intended goal or outcome. It’s key to our clients’ success because it’s key to their audiences’ success.

Over more than a decade of work in life sciences and learning, during which we’ve supported 1,200 clinical trials across several therapeutic areas and built 250 learning experiences across higher education, nonprofits, and corporations, we’ve never stopped refining and improving our approach to designing and building richly engaging digital experiences.

Because we’re platform agnostic, we can partner with innovative platform providers to deliver what our clients need while still focusing on the people in and potential of their communities.

We’ve seen repeatedly that truly engaging experiences are more effective and successful, regardless of the specific outcomes an organization is aiming to achieve. Rich engagement produces better retention rates, higher participant satisfaction, and stronger outcomes. In clinical trials, studies designed to use patient-centered, convenience-enhancing solutions have shown clear and significant gains in patient satisfaction and perceptions of quality of care. Those results may be even stronger among the under-represented populations that have been most difficult to recruit as participants. (Shine et al. 2021) In learning, it’s long been recognized that learners achieve better outcomes and are more likely to complete a course of study the more engaged they are. (Tight 2016)   

Yet this kind of engagement, especially at scale in the digital realm, is elusive. Knowing how to create genuine engagement for life sciences and learning in the digital world requires distinct expertise, careful design, and the intentional application of technologies. Because we’ve developed tools and techniques to design for engagement, Studion can help our clients use their preferred technology platforms more effectively and make more confident choices about where to invest their time and money. As a result, our clients can focus on outcomes, responding to problems more quickly or avoiding them altogether. Rather than waiting months or even years to figure out what worked and what didn’t, with our help, our clients can adapt faster to whatever situations arise and stay on track to achieve better results.  


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Malcolm Tight. Student Retention and Engagement in Higher Education. Journal of Further and Higher Education. 2019. 689-704. <>

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