How We Bring Our Company Values to Life

February 21, 2024

At Studion, our values aren’t emblazoned across our walls, etched on mugs, or stitched into T-shirts. Instead, we work to embed them into our day-to-day interactions. That’s why they’re phrased as verbs: so that we can put them into action. These values support our desire to create a better world through healthy, empowered people. They help us create the richly engaging digital experiences that allow the achievement of peak potential at scale. 

Be Curious

We embrace the challenge of solving tough problems and insatiably seek new knowledge. We turn challenges into opportunities and whys into why nots.

Be Humble

We welcome feedback and are agile in its implementation. We work as a team and take joy in each other’s successes. We let our results tell our story. 

Be Honest

We build relationships, trust, and respect through open and transparent communication. We proactively share thoughts and problem-solve together.

Be Whole

We foster an inclusive community, knowing our whole selves are our best selves. We encourage everyone to be purposeful with their time and decisions. 

Be Excellent

We strive for mastery. We’re motivated by delivering original, high-quality solutions and take pride in our craft. We love what we do, and it shows.

At each stage of the employee life cycle, these values are present. We are clear about them so that prospective employees can see what we’re all about and decide if this is the kind of place they can see themselves thriving. Our interview process includes activities and questions to assess how candidates can add to and enhance our values. In addition, performance and professional development are centered around the embodiment of our values as well as technical skills. We encourage regular shout-outs in Slack and praise in Lattice to let us take pride in our craft and celebrate each other.  

As we work with our clients, we focus relentlessly on designing meaningful solutions while acting as a true partner who is equally invested in their organizations. We strive to make a positive impact and cultivate trust and transparency throughout our process, which fosters collaboration and leads to innovative design solutions and meaningful outcomes.

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